Enhance Chinese Learning and Participating for Non-Chinese Speaking Students


Year 2023/2024

Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students:


Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their Chinese learning as well as cultural integration


School provides before-school and after-school extra Chinese classes for NCS students. The classes are conducted in small group of 3-4 students so that the teachers can adjust the teaching curriculum according to the Chinese level of the students.


School also appoints additional teacher(s) and tutor(s) to support NCS students' Chinese learning such as arranging blended leaning through online classes and split-class learning when needed.


In order to foster an interest in Chinese culture in NCS students, Chinese history and culture week is launched, school organizes cultural integration activities such as tasting tradition Chinese food and trying traditional costume. NCS students learn Chinese culture while they have fun.   






學校為非華語學生提供課前和課後額外的中文課。以 3-4人作小班授課,教師根據學生的漢語水平調整教學課程。









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(1) 非華語學生中文才藝比賽



(1) Scouts



ActivitiesTraditional Chinese Handicraft Class中華文化體驗班



Chinese History and Culture Week ( Lion Dance)


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Chinese Culture Experience Week is held for the 5th year in our school. The theme this year is ‘Lion Dance’. Through ‘Daily training’, dragon dance practice, lion dance costume dress-up experience, lion dance performance, a school-based quiz, lion head craft making, lion dance coloring activity, "Little Theatre" and lion dance introductory videos, students have learnt about intangible cultural heritage – the lion dance culture.

 *For more event photos and highlights, please visit the "Event Page" and the school's Facebook page.